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2. TecD


TecD is a computer program for efficiently using the multidimensional diagrams for tectonomagmatic discrimination of basic and ultrabasic magmas (Agrawal et al., 2004, 2008; Verma et al., 2006; Verma and Agrawal, 2011). These papers can be downloaded from the "Journal Publications" option at this website.


  Verma S.P., Rivera-Gómez M.A. (2013) New computer program TecD for tectonomagmatic discrimination from discriminant function diagrams for basic and ultrabasic magmas and its application to ancient rocks, Journal of Iberian Geology, 39 (1), 167–179.



You should be able to download the files needed to install and run TecD. Similarly, you can also download example files and templates required to process your data.

You must paste your data in the appropriate template to process them in TecD.

We would request you to kindly cite our papers, especially TecD, in any document you prepare and send us the full reference of your document, and if possible, the document itself.





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