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The computer program SolGeo (Solute Geothermometers) consists of thirty-five solute geothermometers, which are used to estimate temperatures of geothermal reservoirs.  The list of these geothermometers and their respective applicability constraints are reported in Table 1 of Verma et al. (2008). The article Verma et al. (2008) is also included in the installation packet, which provides all details of the program.


Verma S. P., Pandarinath K., Santoyo E. (2008) SolGeo: A new computer program for solute geothermometers and its application to Mexican geothermal fields, Geothermics, 37, 597-621.


The instalation package consists of a large number of files. The user is requested to copy all files from the installation packet (from the website) to his or her computer in a separate carpet. A word document file (ReadmeSolGeo.doc) is also provided in the installation packet, which helps in step-by-step use of the software. The other necessary files to be copied are example files, which can be used to prepare the input files. The program accepts input data as an Excel (*.xls) or a Statistica (*.sta; Version 5) file and provides the output in the same type of file.


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