These programs were written in Java (ZK Framework) as web applications. Therefore, they cannot be downloaded to your computer. These programs are meant for online use. At the right side of each program descriptive page, you will see the files that can be downloaded, such as:


  • Example files
  • Templates

***** Use these files or templates to input your data and process them in the programs.


NOTE: The Session will have duration of 60 minutes. If you wish to process a large number of samples (for example, more than 500), which might exceed the Session, either contact us to increase your Session duration or divide your data file into smaller datasets. 

HMgClaMSys, MagClaMSys, IgRoClaMSys,IgRoClaMTMsys, and APMdisc  are the programs written in UNAM, in collaboration with other universities and published in international journals. These programs are available free of charge.  Therefore, we request you to cite the relevant publication which described the particular program that was used for your work or for publishing your paper.

Note : To use the programs, you must create a user account.


While appreciating your interest, any comments on the use of our programs are most welcome.

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